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Reminiscent of Valentine’s Past


Well, I believe Valentine’s Day is on everyones mind this weekend. Whether you are trying to avoid it or you are celebrating it whole-heartedly, it has always been a favorite holiday of mine. It is my mother’s birthday and that means, every year, February is ‘birthday month’. You know how everyone says, “Valentine’s Day is stupid! You should celebrate your love every day of the year!” My father came up with birthday month so that he could specially celebrate his love for my mother for a whole month and it would not just be a specific day. It is because of my parents that I thoroughly appreciate Valentine’s Day and why the bar was set so high for poor Matthew when we came upon our very first.

Matthew is the most romantic man I have ever met, reason I married him. His plan for our very first ‘celebration of love’ was perfect! He planned an extravagant adventure, starting with stepping into a car filled with rose petals. He searched high and low for these flowers and spent a fortune! It did not occur to him, that it being Valentine’s Day, the prices would be raised significantly. We continued with our adventure to a ballet of Beauty and the Beast, my FAVORITE story in the world! He paid an extravagant amount of money for these tickets and expected the ballet to be performed by professionals, as did I. We arrived at the studio to discover that it was…a studio…and the ballet was to be performed by the ballet students, ages 5-15. We stayed for the first act and soon discovered that we were not parents of any of the performers and, as cute as they may be, it was not something we were enjoying. We decided to continue on our way to the next surprise, Benihana!!! This was most definitely the absolute highlight of the evening, the year, and our relationship. We still reminisce about this meal and how incredible the food tasted! The gorgeous decor, the intriguing entertainment, the wonderful company. For those of you who have never experienced a hibachi meal, you are seated around a flat top grill with about 10-12 other guests and a chef prepares the meal right in front you! It is by far one of the coolest restaurant experiences you will ever encounter.


We had a wonderful first Valentine’s Day and I will always look back on it and remember the entire evening, from the quirkiness of the ballet to the spectacular showcase of our meal to the stolen glances and intimate kisses. I pray every single one of you finds that special someone to ‘celebrate your love’ with and that you all experience that first Valentines moment.

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