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Week #8 – Thankfulness

I did not go home this week:D

My husband says God loves me a lot because, for one reason or another, I have been able to stay with him just about the entire time he has been training! I am so incredibly thankful! Many good things have happened this week and I feel so blessed.

I was able to stay with my husband which means I get to do my work alongside the man I love. I also scheduled a family session for this week that we have had to reschedule 3 times over the course of the past 2 months. The main reason is one of the sons in this family is quite ill. Please pray that I can capture some great family memories for these very special clients:) I did not mention this to you but my backup drive, where I store all of my pictures because there is not enough room on my computer, stopped working a few weeks ago! BUT I did not freak out, my heart may have stopped, but I did not freak out! For anyone who knows me that is a HUGE deal. All of my pictures from the last 6 months were on that drive. I just knew there had to be a way to get them off and there was no way they could be lost for good, at least that was what I was praying every single night!

Today I was finally able to recover all my hard hours of work! Yeehaw!!!!

That incredible burden lifting from my shoulders has made this week EPIC! Not just for me but for my poor husband, who felt horrible that there was nothing he could think of to fix it quickly.

Thank the good Lord for small moments of thankfulness and gratitude.

What are you thankful for this week?

Enjoy my montage of SIX pictures! That’s right! I had to add an extra picture the next two weeks in order to be done on time;)


My little cousins stayed in line with their balloons all weekend when we went camping and it was adorable:)


I just love this picture:)


I struggled with this one, because I obviously want to keep it professional.
I chose this shot because our hair, as women, is one of the most beautiful things about us.

“A Street”

It rained A LOT this week:)


“WILD Yellow”

Love this flower! It grows outside our window, so I get to see it every day:)

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