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Weekly Wonderings – Anticipation and more transitions!

This is transition week!

We have moved out of the apartment we called home for two years and are currently residing in my parents living room 🙂 We move into our new home on Thursday! We are counting the hours, we are so excited!

It has been surreal, seeing the endless amounts of boxes in the garage and realizing this is it. We are actually going to have to grow all the way up and live in town far away from all of our family!

Sunday was my last Sunday morning in the only church I have ever known as a home church. I have been there my entire 23 years of living and it is much harder to leave than I expected. I am excited for our new church for sure, but everyone knows I am NOT the poster child for changes 😉

This week I have been taking MULTIPLE cellphone pictures of our cat, Pudge, and our moving encounters. You will see all of those wonderful pictures and thoughts NEXT week 🙂 I know I’m mean, but I thought I should wait until we stopped all of our moving journeys to post all the fun we have had along the way. Man, we have had some fun 🙂

For now, please enjoy some of the ‘catch-up’ editing I have been doing and take a look at these camping pictures from summer vacation. I thought it only fitting to take a look back into the warmer weather as it gets colder and colder!

Have a great week everyone 🙂

First, we played with BUBBLES!

We ate many meals but I think the little cousins enjoyed hotdogs, Pringles, and giant pickles the most:)

The sunsets and sunrises were phenomenal!

We played Hide and Go Seek…

collected many sticks…

sang some catchy tunes;)

Made some awesome crafts!

Made faces into our flashlights…

AND made a flashlight train! All on the first day:)

I believe the sunrises may have been even more spectacular:)

Morning devotions are always better with Grandma and Pappy and surrounded by God’s creation!

The cousins got Pappy a present:)

and he LOVED it!

It is hard waiting full of anticipation for a fun day!

We went to the BIGGEST yard sale ever:D

We also had Christmas with the best wrapping paper ever!!!

THe cousins learned what it means to have a heart that reflects Jesus<3

We found a beautiful, very dead, moth and had to take pictures of it;)

The final craft was completed and displayed for all to admire:)

We could not leave our camping trip without roasting a few marshmallows!

Last, but not least, we ended our awesome summer excursion with some time at the Pool/Water Park:)

And that’s all folks:)

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