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Weekly Wonderings – Moved!

Once upon a time, there lived a very handsome man and his beautiful wife 😉

They had an adorable feline that loved nothing more than to spend time with his people and make trouble 🙂

 This couple had recently bought their very first brand new car and put 2,000 miles on it within the course of 10 DAYS!!!

The young couple decided it was time to move! To celebrate, their cat took a nap and then helped to pack 🙂

The beautiful wife began to pack their things and discovered they were a very fun couple 😉

The couple packed and their cat slept…

Love was found everywhere they packed<3

The more they cleaned, the more the cat slept to keep up ‘morale’ 😉

Plans were made and dreams bloomed as moving day quickly approached…

 The day started out foggy, but that didn’t dampen the excitement in the air…

The day turned sunny and beautiful as things were moved from the home they had made to their temporary home…

As usual, the cat slept… 🙂

 A trip was made to visit the new home they had chosen…

Everything was scrubbed for the final time as their cat lounged and encouraged them to ‘soldier’ on!

Hair gel was spilt and laughs filled the air as memories were shared…

Then they were moved! They enjoyed their last week in the small kingdom of Avoca with the wonderful wife’s family<3

The cat became a duster for the small spaces around the house 🙂

A few tears fell as the last good byes and thank you’s were shared among lifetime friends… 

And then a terrible storm came, naming herself Sandy, to scare and worry the young couple as their final moving details were set in place.

Their cat, being the ‘rock’ he was, showed them there was no need to fear as God was on their side 🙂

A wonderful blessing was bestowed upon the wife in the form of new editing software and she played for hours, keeping her mind firmly off of the stress that had been the past few days!

The last days were enjoyed by all and the bad storm did not stop the family from having fun 🙂


Everything was moved smoothly and according to plan! 

The young couple found it ironic that their moving truck was from Arizona as the handsome husband’s job was based in Arizona 😉

Goodbye old home, hello new adventures!

One of the wife’s new adventures was caring for to of the sweetest little princes in the world!

The unpacking and organizing began…

the first meal was eaten…

and the cat slept after all his hard work 🙂

The young couple decided to explore their new location and came across an adorable pizza parlor…

The slices were the size of the husband’s forearm!

It snowed and snowed and SNOWED…thankfully none of it stayed longer than an afternoon 🙂

The cat got cozy in his new home and had no trouble adjusting, as long as his people were close by 😉

Then, an amazing thing began to happen, the house started becoming a home<3

And so the young, very happy couple lived <3

I hope ya’ll enjoyed my story and different approach to this post 🙂

One final story I would like to share. Matthew is completely and utterly protected by God’s amazing grace! He was at work and there was a fire ‘explosion’ of sorts. Thankfully no one was hurt and my daring husband was able to put it out before it got too bad. The picture below shows the hair that was singed on his right arm. From what he described, he should have 2nd degree burns! I am so thankful for God’s protection and faithfulness.

I hope you enjoyed this post and have a wonderful week 🙂

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