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Weekly Wonderings – A Winter Walk

I always get so excited about snow fall because it is sooooo beautiful! I always promise myself I will get out there and play with my camera and find new textures. Well, I FINALLY did it last week!

I walked in the snow until I could no longer feel my feet. It was amazing and so incredible to see God’s beauty in the tiniest details around my cute little town:)

I also had the pleasure of doing not one, but TWO engagement shoots this weekend! Needless to say it was a love filled weekend and I would not want it any other way:) Be on the look out over the next couple of weeks for sneak peeks and stories!

Please enjoy this very appropriate poem and awesome images I had the pleasure of taking:)

The Snow

See the snow
It’s a blanket, soft and white
Falling slow
Covering the world, making it bright

Hear the snow
Crunching underneath feet
Children throw
The snow in the street

Smell the snow
The freshening scent
As the steady flow
Makes my heart content

Feel the snow
Powdery, it freezes your toes
As the blanket starts to grow
And the cold wind blows

Taste the snow
The way it makes the world look clean
Still cold though, 
Makes the world, a beautiful scene

Love the snow
When I see it snowing all day
I just know
That everything is going to be okay 

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