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ZOMBIES!!! {Look at your own risk}

This is part one of Matt and Rebecca’s Engagement session. We actually did this part last in timeline order but I thought I would save the adorableness for later this week 🙂

When Rebecca requested a Zombie shoot as part of their engagement session, I was not sure what I was getting myself into. Is there love in war and zombies? She wanted this to be something that they could share. You know, saving the world from zombies together!

My husband was in LOVE with this idea and so we decided to do it! I am soooooo glad we did! Probably the most fun we have ever had at an engagement session just because fo the pure good naturedness of everyone involved.

Please enjoy our rendition of Matt and Rebecca Save the World…from ZOMBIES!!!

***Things you need to know: No zombies were injured in the making of these photographs. These are NOT real guns, no matter how real they look. The blood is also fake and tastes like ‘nothing’ from what we were told 🙂 Everyone was friends and did not mind playing the undead 🙂



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