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An Ode to a Grandmother

My mother and grandmother on wedding day 🙂

Again, this is not an ordinary post. I promise this will be the last one for awhile but I felt it was important right before wedding season. This is another heart post and I promise not to make you cry, as much, this time.

You see, my grandmother, on my mother’s side, went onto hospice last week and it has been a time of preparation and grief for all of us. We all knew this day was coming. She had a stroke five years ago that started this downward spiral of issues, causing me to lose the glorious, godly woman I had fallen in love with over my years of life. My grandmother going into hospice care hasn’t been a shock for any of us,
but it has reminded all of us of the wonderful woman we are about to lose to God’s glory very soon.

I want to tell you a little about this woman before I share with you the
point of this post.

My grandmothers, both of them, have been my best friends since I was born. They both loved me very much and have both helped me become the woman I am today. They have both taught me so much about life, love, and God. My mother’s mother, specifically, showed me my love for the arts. I remember her being in a chamber choir and I remember her singing with the voice of an angel when I was young. She showed me that hiding talents God had blessed us with was a great sin. These gifts needed to be shared with the world whether you thought so or not. I didn’t sing in public until I was 12 years old and, let me tell you, I have never been more terrified in my life. I sobbed on stage as I sang, thinking I had made a complete fool of myself! Come to find out that is not what everyone heard. They heard me praising Jesus with my voice and they loved it! My grandmother gave me that courage and joy, showing me that sharing your talents is for God’s glory and not my own. I also remember her ridiculous knowledge of the Bible. This woman taught  Jr. Church to the younger  students during services and the things she taught them boggled my mind. I would help her whenever we visited and always thought she was teaching more than they were ready to learn. She always told me that if you are willing to learn about Jesus, nothing can stop that. I guarantee you those are some of the best prepped young adults out there and they will be able to tell anyone about God! She showed me a love for learning about God and how important it is to integrate Him into your daily life.

Now onto the reason I decided to write all of this down. I have been thinking about her a lot this week, as you can tell, and realized she shared one more magnificent thing with me. Something behind the scenes that even I didn’t realize. She taught me the importance of pictures. You see, my grandfather was a photographer. He was the one that showed me the love of a camera and the joy of capturing life. He helped inspire me to cultivate my gifts and talents in a way that would let the true gift shine through, but my grandmother was the one that showed me the importance of taking your camera EVERYWHERE. I cannot remember a moment where you didn’t hear the film winding or the flash charging. She took so many pictures, pictures that meant nothing, or so I thought. I realized this morning that I have very few pictures of my grandmother. It has been over five years since we were really able to take pictures together, but even so I realized I have very few pictures with her. She was always the one behind the camera. It broke my heart a little, being that I am a photographer, to realize that those are memories I can capture because I can’t rewind time.

I am so thankful for the wonderful things my grandmother has imparted to me and I will pass them down to all generations. I think the most important thing she has taught is always carry a camera and always take pictures with your family, especially your grandchildren. Make it a point to share your knowledge with your grandchildren but also take pictures with them. My mother has made it a point lately to take family pictures and as much as it seems a hassle now, I know I will thank her for it in the years to come! I have learned the importance of stepping out from behind the camera and making sure I am in some those shots as well. I think it is hardest for mothers and grandmothers because they understand the importance of photographs. I recommend hiring a professional for a fun shoot with the whole family so that you get the pictures and memories without worrying about taking them. Even snapshots are treasured memories so be sure to take plenty of those as well! As a wedding photographer, I plead with you to make sure you point out your grandmothers to me so we can make sure to get pictures of the two of you. Some of my favorite pictures of my grandmother and mother are from my mother’s wedding day. Make those your daughter’s favorites as well!

Take a moment and think of all the wonderful things your grandmothers have passed on to you. Give them a hug, snap a picture, and treasure the memories!

  • Kim VanBuren - April 30, 2013 - 1:41 pm

    You have grown into such an amazing writer along the way. Love the memories.ReplyCancel

  • Patricia Rosner - May 17, 2013 - 8:51 am


    I am sorry for your loss but uplifted by your faith. I am Erin’s other Grandma. I too take lots of pictures and I realize that I am in very few of them but since I am old I do not mind. My loved ones will have to remember a younger grandma who used to be in the photos and that is fine with me.

    I’m so glad that Erin shares your posts since they are always inspiring. Keep up the good work and may God Bless you and yours.

    Patricia RosnerReplyCancel

    • MMPhoto - May 18, 2013 - 9:14 pm


      Thank you so much for kind words! It means so much 🙂 As long as your grandchildren have pictures of you, I don’t think it really matters too much when they were taken. Such precious memories will mean the world!
      Thank you so much and God bless you and your family as well!ReplyCancel

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