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The Best of 2013…Getting Ready!

G+A Wedding_160

Some of the best things happen at the beginning of the day. All of your wedding day is special, but some of the best, and last, family moments (before you are a married person) happen as you get ready to walk down the aisle. Never rule out a photographer for the getting ready portion of your wedding day!


700_4054Ian+Sara_164700_400R+L Wedding_394M+R Wedding_303A+S Elopement_8A+S Elopement_400B+E Wedding_82C+K Wedding_400C+K Wedding_485Cody+Laurie_400Cody+Laurie_231D+K Wedding_400D+K Wedding-427
Ian+Sara_400J+A 2 Wedding_100J+A 2 Wedding_1038J+A 2 Wedding_400J+A 2 Wedding_1358J+A Wedding_400J+A Wedding_766J+A Wedding_401J+K Wedding_250J+K Wedding_200J+K Wedding_217J+K Wedding_600J+K Wedding_734Larry+Jasmine_100Larry+Jasmine_29J+M Wedding_60J+M Wedding_231M+K Wedding_100M+K Wedding_318M+J Wedding.550M+J Wedding.248P+A Wedding_280P+A Wedding_150M+L Wedding_121M+R Wedding_450M+L Wedding_100M+R Wedding-523M+R Wedding-550T+R Wedding_200R+L Wedding_730T+R Wedding_500T+C Wedding_191T+C Wedding_25S+J Wedding_400Sean+Nicole_432Sean+Nicole_200Y+Z Wedding_195Y+Z Wedding_554Y+Z Wedding_1000Y+Z Wedding_1018S+J Wedding_440

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