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About Me!

2014 | A year of changes, hard work, and so much love!

Welcome back to the blog everybody!!! I promise to be


I get butterflies simply thinking about 2013. So much

3 years and 3 words for you…I love you!

Matthew and I are celebrating three years of marriage

An Ode to a Grandmother

My mother and grandmother on wedding day 🙂 Again, this

A Story of Grace

Be prepared. This is a very different post. This post

Weekly Wonderings – Collaboration

Oh you know me, always up for an epic love story!

Weekly Wonderings – Instagrammed Life

Hi everyone! It has been a great couple of weeks for

Weekly Wonderings – New year, new home, new perspectives!

Well it is a NEW YEAR! I designed a new logo this new

Merry CHRISTmas!

It’s Christmas Eve y’all 😀 I hope and pray

Weekly Wonderings – Moved!

Once upon a time, there lived a very handsome man and

Week #7 – Goodbyes

I do not enjoy saying goodbye. I really do not know