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Week #9 – Courageous

Yes, I do LOVE that movie and, yes, I do ball like a

Week #8 – Thankfulness

I did not go home this week:D My husband says God

Week #7 – Goodbyes

I do not enjoy saying goodbye. I really do not know

Week #6 – The week with only four…

Happy Labor Day everyone! I hope y’all have a

Week #5 – Love

This week was all about love! I have been working on

Week #4 – Weddings, 30 lb. Emergency Kits, and LOVE

This week was a wonderful, wonderful blur. One of my

Week #3 – Contentment and Accomplishment

Being content.Feeling accomplished. What an excellent

Week #2 – Joy!

I realize it is not Monday:) This past week I was

Week #1 – Self discovery

I am back! I took a bit of a break from photography